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Cedarburg Maxwell Street Vendor Information

Please see below for information about being or becoming a vendor.  If there are any additional questions please contact us below.

Space Rental

You can request 1 or more spaces for the upcoming Maxwell Street Days by reaching out to us in reserving your space. Spaces have different sizes and can you can book adjoining spaces. Costs depend on the size and number of spaces.

Reserve your spot ...

Fairground Access

You will be issued a vehicle pass which allows you access starting at 12pm the Saturday before the event.  You are asked to be packed up and off the fairgrounds by 6pm the Sunday of the event.


With you parking pass you are allowed to park your vehicle within your space(s) or you may unload/load in your space and park offsite.

Customer Assistance

Our CFD Explorer’s will be happy to assist your customer with any larger purchases, in order to move them to our “Loading Zones”. You can direct your customers to the “Snack Stand” (tan/brown building), located just south of our restrooms & just to north of main gate to arrange a pick-up. A donation to the CFD Explorers is expected for this assistance.

Prohibited Items

Locating Your Space

As you stand in the aisle looking at the yellow space marker with your number on it, there is an arrow pointing to the Right. This is your space.

Click here to see a map of the park ...

Vendor Assistance

If you have problems, any sort of incident by your space, need medical assistance or if someone loses an item, contact the main office. We have police officers, EMS personnel and security on the grounds to assist with various situations.

In an emergency, all of our stands have CFD volunteers who can further assist you.

The following is not permitted to be sold during Maxwell Steet days by any vendor:

  • Liquor, including off-sale

  • Counterfeit merchandise

Failure to comply will result in you being asked to pack up those items and possibly told to leave.

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