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Winter Storage

Each Winter, Cedarburg Firemen's Park opens our building to the community to safely store your boats, RVs and other vehicles against the harsh Winter conditions.  In participating in storing your vehicle at the park, you not only safeguard your vehicle but support the Cedarburg Fire Department at the same time.


Request a Spot

Submit the form below to request a storage spot.

  • A $25 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

  • Cedarburg Firemen's Park only accepts checks.


Enjoy the Winter

During the winter, you will not have access to your vehicle.

  • Storage buildings will be locked until spring.

  • Make sure all personal belongs are removed


Drop It Off

Once you're provided a spot, you'll be contacted with the drop-off weekends.

  • Two Saturday drop-off dates will be set, typically in October.

  • Drop-off and pay for your vehicle between 9am and Noon.

  • Cost is $11/ft (including the trailer) or $165 minimum, plus tax.


Pick It Up

You will be contacted in spring about when to pick your vehicle up.

  • Two Saturday pick-up dates will be set, typically in April.

  • Pick-up your vehicle between 9am and Noon.

  • Reserve your spot for the next winter with a $25 deposit

Additional Information

Is the storage heated?


No, our buildings are not climate controlled

Is the Park Insured against damage?


Each owner must carry their own storage insurance.  The park is not responsible for any lost or damage to the vehicles.  You are required to sign an Insurance Release Form (Indemnification) with a value of your stored item.

Request a Winter Storage Spot

Thanks for requesting a spot! We'll get back to you soon.

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